Bruce and Darleen, NCO Chapter, pretty and comfortable ride. 2004 Kawasaki Vulcan Classic 1500, with a Voyager kit...2nd place in class at BTW Trike Week 2005 out of Mansfield.
Jeff, "Bodene", out of the Toledo area.
"Started to build it 1997, completed and titled in 2000. Mechanics were Tommy Fuller, Bodene and our 7 year old son Scott (he is now 16). It is a 1641 VW engine with holley 2 barrel carburetor (Tommy had to have the 4 barrel back :>) street racing cam, disc brakes, VW bus transmission, IRS rear-end, custom handmade steel body, KZ 900 front end, Yamaha headlight, Honda Goldwing turn signals, 11 gal. spun aluminum gas tank, custom paint by TK from Toledo Centurions MC, 36" custom ape hangers (Iron Coffin MC wanna be :>), Harley Davidson hand controls (thank God someone gave us the gremlin bell with HD parts on the trike :>), seats 4 comfortably, 4 separate storage units. Since Tommy and Bodene started this venture in 1997, they have helped 4 others build trikes. Tommy will always give advice but you have to do the work "
Bill and Patsy's-- "River Riders"-nice ride for Bill to have for his sweet wife and daughter...way to go Bill.
Bill 'n Sue, Winged Rider's, Chapter-1600, duel port, 87 jugs/pistons, IRS suspension, VW
Ron 'n Linda- duel port, 2 barrel carb, huge cam, other secret extra's and extremely fast VW
Del 'n Vickie, Winged Rider's Chapter-bored out to 94, 110 cam, 042 heads, duel 44Webers, 125rockers, "Crazy fast - per Ron" VW
Chris 'n Beth, Winged Rider's Chapter-1600, 87 pistons, duel port, 042 heads Scatt 20Cam, progressive 2 BBL swing axle, 2006 VW.
Wesley"s and his special Lady's, Ruth..NCO Chapter, A 1963 VW 1600 dual port, headlights-springer front, end-multi cross tail lights-fire fighters tribute mirrors-harley buckhorn handlebars-chevy nova rally wheels.
Buckwheat 'n Roses trike. Had trike about 10 years. "It was my first attempt at a VW suspension and a corvair driveline, and is automatic. It was supposed to be a teal green, but my daughter saw that purple------and you know what happened then "(smile)

Bob and Laura's trike: from the 2007 Trike In.

This is BigEd's from NEO Threedom Riders Chapter--"It is a 1977 home made 1600 dual port with a freeway flier 388 gear rear end - four speed." Which is a work in progress and he will have another updated picture soon;-)

This is Tom's, who is out of Toledo...pretty... "It took me 4 yrs. to build this bike. I did all the work myself. It is a 1641 motor with a street racing cam. .041 heads, balanced crank, .009 electronic distributor, 600CFM edelbrock 4 bl. carb. with manifold, and disc brakes. It has been on the road for 16 yrs. I have won a number of plaques and a trophy with it."